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"I'm Not Dead Yet!"

I know you're all used to me breaking my promises by now, but I thought I'd give you a little bit of a 'heads up' and tell you that I haven't abandoned the community.

The boot disc on my computer somehow got a little...somethinged and now not everything works properly. The internet is...okay, for the most part, considering that it now takes twice as long to load anything and everything.

The CD/DVD drive just plain refuses to work. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about this until I get back up to school and retrieve the installation disc I need to fix the problem. Because only Heaven knows why the technicians refuse to believe that I bought Tiger legally.

So. Upset about that. But! The good news is that I got a ton of kickin' DVDs for Christmas and such, so look for Lewis Black, Some Like It Hot, The Pink Panther, Serenity and a host of others in this year. All this in addition to the semi-regular updates that you've come to know and loathe me for!

Hope you're all having a spectacular New Year!
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